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Empowering the skills of tomorrow in the European maritime sector

Maritime technology and shipbuilding are among Europe’s most strategic industries. Maritime technology industry is a relevant source of employment and growth and there’s the need for the EU to preserve and strengthen the EU’s global leadership in green shipping technologies.

The LeaderSHIP brings together main shipbuilding and maritime technology industry leaders, regional clusters and education providers to collectively boost innovation, competitiveness and resilience in the European shipbuilding sector and the maritime value chain.

LeaderSHIP project aims as well to enlarge and strengthen the existing large-scale partnership by engaging stakeholders across regional maritime ecosystems to promote sustainable cooperation on skills, mobilise resources, increase upskilling and reskilling actions and promote inter-company and business-education partnerships and collaboration across Europe.


Our objectives

We aim to design and implement post-secondary and tertiary training for upskilling and reskilling current and future workers in key areas to support the maritime technology industry in meeting the targets of digitalisation and green transition.

The project will look at delivering the necessary current and emerging skills to reduce the carbon footprint of the industry and accelerating the use of renewable energies and alternative fuels.

About us

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