Skills of tomorrow for the European maritime sector: Insights from the LeaderSHIP Dissemination Event in Galati, Romania 28th May 2024.

🌟 We had today an inspiring and informative dissemination event where shipbuilding industry experts, universities, training providers, companies, and public authorities came together to discuss the latest trends and developments. Let’s dive into the key presentations:

Welcoming Words by Florin Marian Spataru (RO), Mr. Spătaru, The Chancellery of the Prime Minister in Romania, set the tone for the event. His opening remarks emphasized the importance of collaboration and innovation in the shipbuilding sector.

LeaderSHIP Project Presentation by Juha Valtanen and Suvi Kivelä (FI) Turku University of Applied Sciences. They shared insights into the LeaderSHIP project. This initiative aims to enhance skills, foster cross-border cooperation in Europe, create courses for needs of the companies to drive sustainable growth, boost innovation, green skills and digitalisation in shipbuilding sector.

Researchers Tatiana Pais and Gianmarco Vergasolla (IT) from the University of Genoa presented some findings from the LeaderSHIP survey and training needs. Their analysis highlighted training gaps and identified areas for improvement within the industry.

Global Shipbuilding Market review was given by Monia El faziki (BE) representing SEA Europe. Her presentation shed light on global trends and challenges.

Ana Mendibil and Txaber Benito del Valle (ES) FORO MARÍTIMO VASCO shared findings from the Regional Ecosystem Mapping done in the LeaderSHIP project. Understanding regional strengths is crucial for fostering innovation and competitiveness of European Maritime Cluster.

Market Developments 2023 and Insight on the Romanian Shipbuilding Industry 2018–2023 we presented by Gelu Stan (RO) from ANCONAV Galați Romania. Gelu Stan provided an overview of market trends and the Romanian shipbuilding landscape.

Romanian Ship Designers between Tradition and Innovation were presented by Sorin Brazdis (RO) from ICEPRONAV ENGINEERING SRL.

Sandița Păcuraru and Radu Bosoancă (RO) representing CCOC UDJG (Dunărea de Jos University of Galați), showcased the university’s contributions to naval architecture education.

🔗 Feel free to connect with the speakers and fellow participants on LinkedIn to continue the conversation! Let’s propel the shipbuilding industry forward together. 🌊⚓